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What are parental controls and how help children to stay safe online

About Parental Control App & Its Features

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Children are more aware of internet than parents. Kids know that cyber world is a magical entity capable of answering any damn question. Thus, children, especially teens, go on clicking various sites in satisfying their quest for knowledge or entertainment.

Internet has its seamy side, and kids can easily stray into it. What's crucial to note here is that teens are not aware of online privacy policies, viruses, and social networking etiquette.

Additionally, a massive amount of porn, objectionable characters, and misinformation are available online which have the potential to divert the kids in the wrong direction.

So, as parents, you will obviously be concerned for the child, and a query may trigger your mind - how to keep children stay safe online?

Bid adieu to your worries and ensure that your kids are safe online by using parental control for kids.

What are parental controls?

Parental control is a safety measure for kids. You can spy the kid’s digital affairs and control the same using parental control software.

Parental control is a complete suite of safety kit that keeps children stay safe online with its unique tools. Its distinctive features enable you to filter contents, put restraints on the usage, enforce the use of certain software, and monitor other online activities.

Let us check how kids can stay safe online with a parental control app.

How to stay safe online in today's digital world.

Set the hours of using gadgets:

It is mandatory to keep a restriction on the usage of online activities to avoid severe diseases like nomophobia, myopic, and attention deficiency. Use parental control app to set the limit for using each application in kid’s device.
Confining hours will allow teens to focus on activities like studies and real-life games such as football.

Say ‘No’ to needless apps:

Parental control for kids provides you a scope to block inappropriate applications which are of no use. Once the unwanted applications are out of reach, kid’s chances of getting trapped into cybercrime activities minimize.

You can also block the suspected or spam callers with Call Block feature of a parental control app.

Security alert if kids are in jeopardy :

Good parental controls provide an alert tool to reach out to children when they are in a critical situation.

Panic Alert notifies you via email when your kid is in a dangerous situation. It also sends the exact location of the child so you can reach them as soon as possible.

Location Tracking:

You can follow your child’s whereabouts with the location tracking feature. GPS tracker enables you to locate your kid when they step outside the home.

If your child has a habit of speeding the vehicle, speed limit tool can provide you the information of their pace; hence, children would think twice before raising the speed.

For the safety of children, you put every effort from head to toe. Now, let the top-notch parental control app - Bit Guardian Parental control do it for you. Keep your kid secure from all the pitfalls of digi-tech world by using this incredibly amazing app.

Parental control for kids is much essential when the chances of online threats are higher. Click on Google Play Store and install Bit Guardian Parental Control now.

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